About Us

Mommies and Daddies hello!

My name is Areti and i am the owner of StyleKiddo!
This online store was created for all you busy moms and dads out there who cannot afford the time to shop for their little ones! You can now find a fast, reliable, secure and easy way to shop from the comfort of your house.
We are all parents and we know how much preparation is needed to go shopping with our little ones, especially in their early years.
A fully packed trank! Trolleys, nappies, baby bottles ….
I am also a mom and only by the thought of all these, I was tired.
That’s what inspired me to create this online store, where parents like me can get quality clothes for their little ones but also for themselves with a few mouse clicks!
My team and I are here to make your shopping a fun, enjoyable and safe experience.

Welcome to Stylekiddo!